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TV Technician: Rod, TV & Communications Sys Repair replied 6 years ago Hi Steve, The 771a means the receiver is not receiving all of the satellite signals. This can be the SWM ( the multiplexer). I' m sorry if this topic has come up before, my searches haven' t given me the answer. or at least in words that I understand. I have had Direct TV for 6 months now. I haven' t had any issues. Recently, I am starting to lose my HD channels. it was only a couple at first, now it is a few more. I had this same thing on all 3 receivers, I did all the trouble shooting and everything and nothing worked, direct tv wanted 50$ just to come look at it! I went outside to the cable box and my connection was loose in there and now everything works just fine. No satellite signal ( 771) My receiver has been searching for satellite signal for days, I have reset it a few times from the box and I have also refreshed it through the website. I have no idea what else to do. Direct Tv Error Code 771 Just had Directv installed last week and everything was going fine until today. Now I am receiving a error 771 on some channels. I ran all the diagnostics the system told me to run, but I am still getting " no signal" and the " 771" code displayed on my TV screen.

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    Continuing from above, I went outside this morning and looked at the satellite dish and I can see nothing obstructing the dish from outside. The box will track this lack of guide data updates and generate a code 46 after an hour and reboot the box after 12 hours which forces the box to reacquire guide data at which point a code 25 will be displayed. While many users may easily panic because of this error, this message is usually an easy fix and can be done in a few short steps. One thing that we recommend for anyone that is having trouble with finding a satellite signal is to first invest in a low cost Satellite Finder Meter For DIRECTV. I have had DirectTV since and for the first year I had no problems. Within the last 6 months I started getting the 7a error message. Dish Network Error Code 771a 771 is an error code that indicates your receiver is having trouble communicating with your satellite dish. As a result, your TV signal. Along with the other answers of possible dish misalignment, or loose cabling, check your power inserter. This is a black rectangle box plugged into a wall electrical outlet and has 2 cables attached to the other end. Try hooking the line that is running from the dish directly to your power supply and then from there to the 34 or 21. 775 is directv' s new 771a code for the 34. Why the changed it is beyond me.

    By hooking straight from LNB to power inserter to receiver we can by pass the switch and see if we have issues there. Fix Directv Error Code 771a Still seeing Error Code 721 on your TV screen? On some DIRECTV receivers there is a red reset button located inside the access card door. After that I did got Direct TV for $ 19. 99 a month but that was a ploy to come in and within a month the price went to $ 59. sure they were up to code. Best Answer: 771A problem communicating with dish generally is a power problem, while 771B is an overloaded SWM ( unless your in a MDU, you wont have to worry about that). Make sure to check power on your power inserter, or multiswitches if you have them. DIRECTV Code 775. After about a dozen calls last summer to DirecTV and Winegard I was able to set up the system in my motorhome. DirecTV HD I get a 775.

    DIRECTV: How do I lookup my DirecTV remote control code? Welcome to the Winegard Company support wiki. To get started use the. Either direct TV didnt activate the box and card correctly, or the box I purchased is faulty. By switching the two boxes I have eliminated every trouble shooting tip they offer for this type of problem. If I minimize the game and un- mute the kind of logon before. But Its Firewire on herins wont work. Thanks, antfarm Theand have labels that overstate their power output. Now, Reguarding your problem, do you direct but it always comes back. Check receiver connections If only some receivers are affected, check your receiver connections.

    Starting with the SAT- IN ( or SATELLITE IN) connection, make sure all connections between your receiver and the wall outlet are secure. Snowy Screen - TV Troubleshooting | DIRECTV Support If your TV screen is ways you can contact DirecTV or click " email us" after you close this screen. Employee Contributor* * I am an AT& T employee and the postings on this Make sure the green light is on indicating power, Senior Moving: 5 Tips to Help a Quick Move While many Directv. AT& T has you covered with Troubleshooting & repair support, troubleshooting, how- to articles, & videos. DIRECTV Now Stream TV live + On Demand DIRECTV Now. In order to correct DIRECTV Code 775, make sure all the connections on the back of your receiver are secure. Unplug your SWiM Power Inserter from the electrical outlet, wait for 15 seconds, and. Direct Tv Error Code 771 Fix This error might be caused by one of the following situations: 771 is an error code that indicates your receiver is having trouble. Posted By: ct78barnes on 04/ 10/ 13 04: 17pm I got my coach out of storage Sunday and tried to fire up the Direct TV. I have a crank up model and the receiver would not let me get to the signal strength.

    Troubleshooting The symptoms of a non- working SWM really are pretty simple: You don’ t get satellite signal on all units, on all satellites, or your signal comes in and out. Here is a checklist of things to check and troubleshooting advice to help get your SWM working properly. As a cable technician. The biggest issues with connection is the fittings on the coaxial lines. If you have screw on fittings or press on fittings you more than likely looking at your issue. About Us SatelliteGuys was founded in as a site for members to help members without heavy moderation. Because of our friendly helpful atmosphere SatelliteGuys quickly became America' s Satellite Information Source! no change moving power back to outlet. out of curiosity, I checked the voltage coming out of the power inserter. both, the new and old one are 20. 7 volts ( guess that means I didn' t need to buy one).